Loan Origination

FintechLabs' Loan Origination Software automates the task of creating customer profiles and accepting loan applications for the lenders.

The world of lending has transformed completely with the advent of online lending. Loan origination process must now be designed to meet online lenders requirements for automated and instantaneous loan processing as well as the requirements of lenders with complex loan products.

Our software is able to efficiently handle the task of creating customer profiles and new loan applications. It is agile enough to handle applications submitted through different interfaces such as mobile apps, websites and offline methods. We automate the workflow and decision-making process and enable quick processing of loan applications resulting in greater customer satisfaction.

In addition to creating and managing a customer’s profile, this module provides a dashboard view of all customers based on activity. It also provides an overview of all loans, list of loan transactions, and a comprehensive loan view by activity

Get Loan Origination Software Now

  • Highly customizable software to fit the needs of different lenders
  • Product gives flexibility to select any number of input questions at the time of loan application
  • Comes pre-loaded with different set of questions for different loan products
  • Software caters to a high number of identification documents – upload as many documents as you want
  • Incomplete loan applications are tracked in the system. Our software also automatically eliminates duplicate applications that have the same email address, phone number etc.
  • Regular reports and analytics on the status of loan applications, approval rate, percentage of incomplete applications etc.